June 28, 2009

East-West All Star: ANDRU PULU

UW-bound, our nephew Andru played his last football game in his high school career at Everett Memorial Stadium on Saturday, in the East-West All Star game that included the top football players in the state. We're so proud of him, and can't wait to watch him play college ball as a Husky this fall. GO DAWGS!

Some of Andru's biggest fans, out to support him at his game...

June 27, 2009

Alki Beach

Warm, sunny days are a rarity in the Pacific Northwest, and we regularly try to take advantage of the good weather when we get it. We spent a nice Friday afternoon in West Seattle on Alki Beach.

The kids loved the sun and ocean, and played to their hearts' content for a good couple of hours.

While the kids played in the sand, their dad hung out and watched most of the time. I got a quick shot of him toward sunset.

June 20, 2009

Testing Templates

A couple more pics of my always-ready model, testing size and a possible new template.

Miss Eden, hangin' out at home:

June 14, 2009

Why not?

I honestly can't pinpoint when the idea of wanting to take up photography began - it wasn't in a specific moment and it wasn't as though the proverbial lightbulb had gone off above my head one day. Instead, the idea would cross my mind every so often, and moreso when I'd see other photographers' work - (always inspired by the awesome Naomi Masina or Jasmine Star, amongst many, many others) - or when someone would compliment my very amateur, informal photography. The thought usually came and went, never seeming sensible enough at the time (coupled with a ton of self-doubt).

The short of it was that I enjoyed taking pictures - freezing a memory in a simple shot or capturing off-guard moments showing real, raw emotion. The long of it was that I didn't know how to take that which I found so fun and fulfilling, and convince myself I might have a shot at making something of it.

More recently, though, the idea has been there more consistently, with the coaxing and support of great family and friends; and of everything I'd need convincing of, I am definitely convinced that I should, at the very least, try to take that shot. Why not? If anything, I will have done myself justice if a single person enjoys my photos. (And hey, moms are always your biggest fans, and my mom can definitely be mine ;))!

And so marks the beginning of this blog :). Here goes nothin'!