June 27, 2011


(Image found on Pinterest by Rachelle Dunn)

My springtime/summer allergies hit me harder than ever, in all its seasonal glory - constant sneezing, drippy nose, sinus headaches: the whole miserable nine yards. I am convinced that there is mutant pollen floating around outside that is wreaking havoc on my immune system.

The consequences have been brutal. I've slipped up on household chores and making dinner, just to slum it on the couch instead with Netflix, my iPhone (for endless games of Words with Friends and that darn WebMD app that might turn me into a hypochondriac) and a tissue box, letting my kids run an absolute muck. My medicine cabinet has become my sampler box for the allergy medicine du jour. I could be the poster child for at least 5 different allergy medicine companies. The before-version, of course. I'm still waiting on the miracle drug to end this allergy horror.

I'm hoping to regain some functionality soon or I'll miss out on the tiny bit of a summer us Seattleites get every year. Stay tuned!