April 9, 2011


"Looks like Daddy will still be outnumbered...but not by himself!"  The ultrasound tech's choice of words made me pause to think a minute.  She must've noticed my momentary confusion, because her next words were, "It's a BOY!"  I remember how my heart skipped a beat, and the wave of excitement that came over me.  Finally..a boy! 

In just 5 short months later, our bouncing baby boy was born, with a full head of hair and the sweetest little face. His mommy fell in LOVE!
One year later, here we are!  I can hardly believe my Israel is ONE.  He is my most even-tempered child, and the star of the show at home.  His sisters looooove him to no end, so he gets a little spoiled sometimes.  He is sweet as can be, and my little cuddle bug.  The year has definitely flown by way too fast for me..I wish I could keep my kids babies for longer than they are. 

With his grandma, "G-Mom" on his 1st Birthday
(Thank you to Aunty Tiare for getting this shot..I have NO photos from his birthday..
so much for being a photographer..lol!)

Happy Birthday Son!!