September 22, 2009

Just Because : 'ONE RUFFINS | Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

This shoot was a quick one, but I wanted to post a couple of pictures from it. 'One is FABULOUS! She is the Mama Extraordinaire to the featured Honestine & Tyson, and beautiful wife to Murphy. She's also my mom's sister-in-law who we absolutely adore :). 'One is kind, funny, and great to be around, and since I've met her, she's been nothing but wonderful to our family. Thank you 'One for everything, and for such a fun day!

September 21, 2009

Stunning Senior : HONESTINE | Carson High School Class of 2010

Still playing catch up on the blog - caught a bad bug on our vacation, and trying to manage through it, and post more of the great shoots from last week :).

Honestine is the sweetest girl! She was shy as could be at first, but you'd hardly notice in these photos. I had some terrific help from my MOM :) to pose Honestine for several of the shots (thanks Mom!). Honestine is a senior at Carson High School, and kicks off our "Stunning Senior" portraits for the Class of 2010. She's big sister to Tyson, and such a great big sister at that! I had a fun time with both their photo shoots - thanks again you guys!

Honestine, here's hoping your last year of high school is filled with nothing but great memories and accomplishments! Dream big; the world is full of endless possibilities for you! *hugs*

September 18, 2009

Unconditional : MAYLENE & BABY ZENIAH | Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Being a mommy of two little girls, I can quickly relate to a mommy-daughter bond :), and it was so sweet to see between these two. Maylene is a brand new mommy to precious baby Zeniah, who is as beautiful as her mama, and it was such a treat to photograph them. Zeniah is almost two months old in these photos, and was so cooperative in front of the camera, even on a warm (OK, *really* hot for the Seattle-weathered photographer), California afternoon.

It was so good to meet you girls ;)! Lots of LOVE!!

September 17, 2009

Precious Moments : TYSON | Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I have a ton of posts to catch up on! Our LA/Vegas trip was great, and we're a little sad to be back in the swing of things at home. We had a blast, and were able to see family and friends that we haven't seen in ages. The kids were awesome travelers, so that made me one happy mom!

My first session was with little Tyson, who is 4-1/2 years of fun! He was an excellent sport with just a tiny bit of coaxing (his biggest smiles were given at the mention of possible "toys" after the shoot ;)). He was a ham once he got comfortable, and I had a great time running around after him, and I didn't stop laughing the entire time. He is beyond cute, and a self-proclaimed mama's boy - it was the sweetest thing hearing him tell his mom how much he loved her! Definitely a heartbreaker in the making!

xoxo Tyson!

September 8, 2009

Los Angeles, CA / Las Vegas, NV Trip Next Week!

Heading to LA and Vegas next week! It's been a little over a year that our family went on an airplane trip together, and I'm hoping my 2-year-old will be better on the plane this time than she was the last! Not 10 minutes into our flight, I became the mom that everyone stares at, because her child won't stop screaming..eek. :\ Planning to celebrate my mom's birthday and go to Junior's alma mater's football game in Vegas...go Warriors! Hopefully, we'll get to catch up with some family and friends we haven't seen in a while too.

I'll be available for shoots the 17th/18th during the day in the LA/Orange County area, and on the 20th during the day in Las Vegas. Let me know if anyone is interested :). You can comment here, or email me at

And because posts are always more fun with pictures, here is my aforementioned 2-year-old - her expressions just about sum up how excited we are! :)