November 26, 2009

Holiday Fun : The SORENSENS | Arbor Heights, WA

You may remember Angel and Heidi from a few months ago - great friends who starred in some of my first photo shoots :).

Angel emailed earlier this week about doing some Christmas card photos - she had the cutest idea for pictures, and I was excited to take them. In a day, the Sorensens got up their tree, and got all decked out for some photos on Thanksgiving Eve - here are their formal Christmas and crazy New Years' pics.


Mapuana Reed Mataele said...

These pics look like so much fun. Great job girl.

TFanene Photography said...

awww i love the idea of the lights .. ahahah .. Loved the last one .. ahahha GREAT WORK!! =)

Inouyes said...

Love it so creative!

Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you how excited we all are that these turned out EXACTLY we way we hoped. We were going for sort of a Hollywood glam feel, but the fact that you managed to turn our livingroom into just that was amazing. *Good job of fixing the curtain! ;]*

XOXOXO, heidi =]