July 17, 2010


Years ago, I lived in the small town of La'ie, Hawaii. I was a college student still finding my way, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Fast-forward almost a decade, and here I am - a mother, a wife, an accountant, and an ever-aspiring photographer, living in the Northwest. Little did I know that in that small town of La'ie, was a woman who would also become a photographer - an amazingly successful one - and that it would be thousands of miles (and many years later) from Hawaii's North Shore that I would meet her, learn from her, and be inspired by her.

I'd first heard of Natalie Norton, the photographer, a couple of years ago when I'd come across her blog. I'd bookmarked it, and became a regular reader. Natalie and I have mutual friends, and I'd heard only the nicest things about her. Her blog is a showcase of beautiful images, and her posts are well-written and heartfelt. It isn't difficult to read through her blog and not feel an instant connection to her - she is open and honest, and her words are moving and real.

So when she tweeted that she would be hosting a workshop in Seattle, I jumped on it. I was 9 months pregnant with my son, about to go on maternity leave, figured my baby would be around 2-3 months old once the workshop rolled around, and I decided it would all work out. I knew I'd probably be on hiatus from my photography business for a little while as I tried to find some balance with a new baby, but I didn't want to miss the opportunity.

The Envision | Seattle workshop was, in essence, just what I needed. Hosted at Hotel Max in downtown Seattle, I enjoyed an insightful, fun day with Natalie and an awesome group of photographers. Natalie was just as open and honest as she comes across in her blog, sharing so much of herself and her business philosophies with the group. She is as beautiful inside and she is out, and I'm still so thrilled I was able to attend her workshop. We photographed the Prang family, and the stunning Erin & Conor, recently engaged (photos to follow!).

To say the very least, I left feeling motivated and driven about my photography business, inspired to envision the possibilities!

Thank you Nat, for everything!

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I love these photos of Natalie!!!