September 18, 2010


Lately, procrastination has been my middle name - heck, my first and last too for that matter. Leave it to me to get Samantha's maternity photos up after her baby has made his debut :). Baby Christian came only a week or so after his mama's photo sesh, so I'm glad that we at least were able to get some pictures done beforehand!

The weekend before we'd scheduled Samantha's shoot, I'd gotten an email from an old friend and high school classmate, Camilla. She and Samantha are great friends, and she wanted to get her a maternity shoot as a pre-baby gift and I was more than happy to provide it for her. We'd started to work out the logistics, and I'd found out Camilla had just been deployed, and was arranging for her friend's photo shoot all the way from Afghanistan via Facebook. What better friend than that?

Samantha and I met up at the Washington Museum of History for her photo session. I was so impressed with how much energy she had, just days from her due date :). I had a great time getting to know her, and in the little time we spent, I know Baby Christian is a lucky little guy to have Sam as his mom.

Sam, here's wishing you and Tony all the best with your brand new bundle of joy!! xoxo

Fierce mama!


The real L.A. love story. said...

okay, if there is one thing i regret about my pregnancy, i wish i had maternity photos. my sister carly offered to take some for me but i was just not in the mood for photos...gah! there is no photographic proof that i was ever pregnant.

what you've done is so special and samantha and baby will have these photos for life.

Milla said...

Pua, you are one talented phenomenon. Thank you soooo much. I love you. Sam is such a gorgeous preggers! :-) Christian is definitely blessed to have her as his mom. Love you Sam.

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