October 2, 2009

Orange County, CA Disaster Relief Effort

My friend, Brian Mauga, a firefighter with the Long Beach Fire Department, sent me the following email today:
Hi Pua,

I was wondering if you could post a pick-up location on your page that is in the Orange County area. I will be there today with friends and family collecting and going to the Red Cross. Also, I went to my dentist and every other office in the plaza and were able to get cases of tooth brushes and tooth paste. Just an idea for people that want to give but are financially having problems. We were very lucky and blessed for what we receive and people were more then happy to donate. Thanks again for everything and keep up God's work ;)


Address for drop off:

22521 Ave.Empressa
Suite 100, Santa Margarita, Ca. 92688

If you live in the Orange County area, please visit the address above to donate anything that you are able to today.

Thank you!

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