October 25, 2009

Unconditional : The SLAUGHTERS | Puyallup, WA Family Photographer

Rain is inevitable in the Pacific Northwest, and living in Seattle, I've tried to grow used to the fact. I've been so excited, though, for this family's photo shoot, that I've been PRAYING for dry weather at the very least (sunshine, if I had it my way, but no rain would suffice!). Lucky for me, the entire shoot was rain-free. I could photograph this family for hours - they're beautiful, inside and out! Rick and Jen are an awesome couple, and little Caden is full of personality and fun.

Thanks guys for a great afternoon! Hope you enjoy your photos :)!

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Jeri said...

I always enjoy looking at your shoots, and this one was no exception. The colors are so bright and clear, very crisp. Great looking family and great layouts. Keep up the good work !