December 6, 2009

Sounds of Hope Project | American Samoa

I found this video on Facebook this morning, featuring some truly talented friends from home in American Samoa, and I wanted to repost it here. In the wake of the tragedies resulting from the recent tsunami and earthquake, this is a great message. A big fa'amalo lava to the featured artists - Miriam Te'o, Smurf Sili, Francis Vaivao, Jason Hollister (LHS c/o 2000 HOLLAAAAA!!), Chevonne, Elijah and Rasmas - and to Whitcombe Productions for producing such a great clip!

Words from the Artists:


TFanene Photography said...

Hey Pua,

Totally loved it!!! OMG i didnt know you went to LHS!!! ahahah .. crazy small world!! anyways loved it!!! GRAT JOB TO ALL THE ARTISTS!!!


TFanene Photography said...

I know its such a blessing to see our boys from back home make it so far ... praying that he makes it to the PROBOWL .. btw if you can help us .. by voting for him & other fellow NFL HAMO Stars make it to this years PROBOWL on the link below.

Trust me I LOVE YOUR WORK!! Best believe I'm always looking at yours & just loving all thee ideas & new things you do!!! GREAT JOB!!! btw .. CONGRATS on the little boy .. OMG SO EXCITED FOR YOU ... lol ... anyways KIT .. much love & please dont be no stranger!!!