February 6, 2010

Just Because : TIARE TUIOLOSEGA | California

I took these photos last summer and never got around to posting them. My baby sister is the namesake of Tiare Photography :). She is sweet as can be, and I love her beyond all words. As much as she's grown over the years, I don't think I could ever see her as older than 2! She's a great aunty to our girls, and the best little sister ever ♥.

For as long as I can remember, Tiare has been quite the ham for the camera ;)! We had a good time taking a few pictures of her at a park close to my mom's house in California.

Love you baby girl!


Myrn Photography said...

What a beautiful girl.. Great job Pua!!

Mapuana Reed Mataele said...

Pua.... Tiare is so beautiful and so grown up!!!

Inouyes said...

Omg she is grown into a beautiful gal! I see alot of u in her with that long beautiful hair I remember back in the day i always wanted yr long gorgeous hair luv ya sis!