July 27, 2009

Angela Baraquio Grey | Anaheim, CA

My trip to California was a quick one, leaving Junior and the kids behind in Seattle. It was my first time traveling without them, and I missed them more than I can put into words! The reason for my trip to LA was to meet with good friends, Omi and Mapu for a photography workshop (of the sorts). We spent a good part of Thursday indulged in everything photography, and it was truly a highlight of this brand new venture! I can't say enough how fortunate I was to spend the day with them.

We were lucky to do some practice shooting with the beautiful and talented Angela Baraquio Grey at her home in Orange County. She is a highly accomplished motivational speaker, teacher and owner of Isle Entertainment in California - and completely down-to-earth. Amongst it all, she's also Mom to two adorable little boys. We had so much fun with her, and she was the perfect model for our practice session. It was great to meet you, Angie! Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

sisturr. wow..she's former miss HAWAII..she's awesome!!

Anaheim Florist said...

Wow those are some great photos!