July 13, 2009

Déjà vu!

While editing more of Heidi's pictures for her CD of the entire shoot, I came across a few more that I just LOVED! I know I've posted several photos from this shoot already, but what the heck...here are just a couple more!

And the famous vele vao ("pulling weeds" in Samoan) pic Heidi loves so much..LOL! There was one grassy bush by where I'd had Heidi sitting and I wanted to get it in a shot, so I told her to turn to it and touch the grass or something. She gave me the craziest are-you-kidding-me!?! look, but played along anyway. She couldn't stop laughing from embarassment as several crowds of people had been down by the water barbequeing that evening, and were watching the entire shoot. See Haiki, you look great even when you vele vao! LOL!!


Anonymous said...


I'm going to get too big-headed with all these posts and compliments you keep showering me with!! Lol.

Love ya,

Mapuana Reed Mataele said...

Great job. LOVE these pics Pua.

Trude said...

OMG!!! You really did Heidi some justice in these pictures. LoL I'm really loving the style girl, and well Heidi's too ;) These are beautiful. When my son is born I will pay for you to come out here and take some pictures of him.