December 10, 2010

GUYMON FAMILY : HOLIDAYS 2010 | Puyallup & Fife, WA

When I took the Guymons' 2009 holiday photos, baby Traysen was just a few months old. It's great to look back at their family photos and see how much their kids have grown - and the most changed of course is little Traysen, who is about 19 months old in this year's photos! Alaina does the best job at dressing her kids and matching them up so well for their photo shoots! This family is wonderful - the girls are in Alaina's Leap & Learn preschool again this year, and absolutely LOVE it! Trendon is still their favorite buddy, they're still enraptured by baby Traysen (and for a while, Eden wanted us to name Israel, "Traysen"), and they still adore Miss Krailyn :).

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