December 14, 2010


To my dearest and most pleasant "surprise," Taimane,

In a quick 12 months and 3 days after Eden was born, you made me a Mommy of 2.

You taught me that my heart's ability to love knows no bounds. I couldn't have imagined just how much one little girl could make me laugh and smile, or how this bundle of spunk and personality could have come from your daddy and me! I think I hang on your every word, just waiting to see what funny or sweet or extra-honest thing you have to say next. Don't grow up on me too fast.

I love you so very much, and I thank Heavenly Father and my lucky stars for you all at once.

Happy Birthday My Baby Cookie! I hope your day is as WONDERFUL as you!

Taimane is the life of the party in the Tagoa'i household, and she has blossomed into quite the little girl, with a mind all her own. As clearly as I remember welcoming Eden into the world, I remember when Taimane's arrival was imminent. Eden had turned 1, and although I was anxious to get the pregnancy over with, my emotions were on quite the rollercoaster. Looking back, I know I was so afraid of being a mommy to two little ones, so close in age - worried one would feel neglected or get less attention; and I wondered how on earth I could love another baby as much as I loved Eden. I had no idea that I would be JUST as overwhelmed with this insurmountable love for Taimane as soon as I heard her first cry and laid eyes on her, and that love has only multiplied infinitely since. She is truly such a special part of our family, with quick wits and a sweet smile that melts my heart.

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